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MVA winner Turkey Run Farm    is located just west of Indianapolis, Indiana. Why the name Turkey Run? My husband Robert has been raising turkeys for Perdue Farms Inc. since 1991. He would have between 10,000 and 15,000 turkeys at a time. We also raise beef cattle, goats, hair sheep and raise, train and compete with Australian Shepherds.
Our farm has over 100 acres including fields of soybeans and corn, a natural pond, some wooded areas and a creek that lazily runs through the property. Australian Shepherds have been part of Robert’s life for many years, but I was introduced to the breed in 2002 when I married him.

  I fell in love with the breed and decided to get a pup that I could raise myself. So we bought a few different pups and even a couple older dogs and we all lived as one big family. Our dogs have been raised outside near the cattle pasture and were taught not to bother them unless they are asked to work. We fenced off one side of a hill about two acres behind the barn so the dogs can run free most of the time. They love to play together and know how to respect the leader. One of our pups seemed to be a bit different, smarter and more playful then the rest, and because he was mostly black I named him CERTIK what means “a little devil” in Slovak. I spent more time with him as he was so lovable and did everything I asked him just to please me.

  When Certik was 1 year old a few of our calves got out and drifted to our neighbor’s farm about a half mile down the road. My husband had already left for work and I had no choice but to find them and bring them home somehow. I took Certik with me so maybe the two of us can figure out something. We found the calves in the woods. I stayed on the road and sent Certik behind them to bring them to me so they could follow me home. I had no idea what I was doing as I had no herding experience, but I just tried. Certik eyed the situations, went after the calves and then moved behind them and pushed them out of the woods towards me. I started moving and the calves followed me with Certik behind. He probably enjoyed himself as he kept pushing them till they were ahead of me and then he would go after their heads to stop them and wait for me.

Once I caught up with the calves he went behind them and again when they were too far ahead he would stop them and wait for me. We brought all calves home successfully. That same day I called a lady that had a sheep farm and told her that I would like her to test my dog for herding instincts. The lady (Nancy Whelan) was very impressed with Certik and recommended to take some herding lessons. So we did take some lessons once a week and within a year we were ready for our first trial. Then we added agility, obedience, tracking, and disc dogging.
It has been so much fun and we (Certik and me) are bonded together for the rest of our lives. Then Adam (our baby) came to our life and brought even more joy and happiness to our home.

Turkey Barns

  We try to make some of the trials as a family trip so we can all be together. We usually travel with our RV which is a wonderful way to travel and camp. We love Australian Shepherds for the way they are and we are especially proud of Certik for everything he has achieved and does for our family. He has changed our lives forever!

Click here to e-mail Adriana at aussies@turkeyrunfarm.com
Click here to e-mail Adriana at aussies@turkeyrunfarm.com
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