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"When breeding, it is important to evaluate ALL a dog's virtues and faults and consider how great or small those are. More serious faults - defects in structure or temperament and significant health issues should take presedence over those that are purely cosmetic, but not disqualifying."
C.A.Sharp, President of ASHGI

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We have President Day puppies, born on February 18, 2019. There are 8 gorgeous and heathy pups in our "Sonic" litter: 3 blue merle males, 1 blue merle female (predominantly white), 2 black bi/tri females and 2 black/tri males. Please, scroll down to see the details.


Lady and her pups


Our "Sonic" litter of Aussie pups was born on President Day, January 18, 2019.

Sire: Turkey Run Magic Merlin's Tramp STDsd DNA-VP alias "Tramp"
  Dam: Turkey Run Lady of the Manor DNA-VP alias "Lady"


Sonic - blue merle male


Tails - blue merle male (reserved)


Knuckles - blue merle male


Shadow - black tri male


Silver - black bi male


Amy - black tri female


Blaze - black bi female (reserved)


Cream - blue merle female (reserved)


This litter is AKC and ASCA registered. Both parents, Lady and Tramp and their pedigrees are on my website. The pups should be medium size, 18" - 20" tall, up to 45 pounds once fully mature. I expect the pups to have very pleasing, loving and biddable personality, they will love kids and enjoy interacting with them. They should have good herding instincts and will be able to work any type of livestock. The pups should be easy to train, work and live with. This litter will be born inside, but raised outside (at 4 week). The pups will be socialized by children daily. They will receive their 1st puppy shots before they leave and will be dewormed 3 times. They are guaranteed to pass Eye Certf. test and have hips/elbows within "Normal" OFA range. We are located in Eminence, KY. The pups can be shipped nationwide and internationally at new owner expense. The closest airport is in Louisville, KY.
Reservations are started.
Please, e-mail or call Adriana: 502 - 706 0509 if you would like more info or reserve a puppy from this litter. Thank you!



Below are some photos of the pups from our previous litters.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

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Click here to e-mail Adriana at aussies@turkeyrunfarm.com
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